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Environment Policy

Invisible Ink Ltd is committed to continual improvement and reduction of the environmental impact of the business, as an employer, as a supplier and as a contributor to the wider environment.

It is our policy to comply with all existing environmental legislation which is relevant to our business, and indeed, wherever possible to exceed legislative expectations where possible.


The general environmental impact of Invisible Ink is perhaps less than some businesses. As a design agency, the business has over the past 3 years refocused from being wholly reliant on print based media to building products which are electronic and web based. This has reduced our dependence in key environmental areas, including transport and natural resources (trees).

Equal Opportunities

Invisible Ink Limited takes seriously its duty to maintain a positive working environment, and is committed to its Equal Opportunities Policy. All employees are required to act in accordance with this policy, and the law. The Invisible Ink Equal Opportunities Policy is available in a separate document and should be read and understood by all [Directors/partners, employees and contractors].

This document sets out:

  • A summary of issues covered by non-discrimination legislation
  • Definitions of direct and indirect discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Employee/contractor equal opportunities responsibilities

Further details of the EO Regulation are available in a separate document. Please request a copy of this document if you are still unsure of the implications of the regulation.

Health and Safety Statement

Invisible Ink regards the management of health and safety as a core element of its business, and a management priority. It is our policy that all activities and work will be carried out in a safe manner and we will ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors and others who may be affected by our activities.

Our target is for zero accidents and zero work-related ill health to be achieved by applying current best practice in health and safety management. Compliance with current health and safety legislation is therefore regarded as the absolute minimum standard acceptable.

Proper management of health and safety issues is seen as an integral part of the efficient management of Invisible Ink's activities, and critical to developing the professional culture of Invisible Ink and establishing and maintaining a solid reputation with all of our clients.

Quality Assurance Statement

Invisible Ink prides itself in the high quality of its work. We set ourselves the highest standards in terms of:

  • Design
  • Innovative thinking and approaches
  • Graphics
  • Programming solutions

We actively seek and evaluate feedback from clients and associates, and aim to take into account both strengths and areas for improvement.

All our associates and sub-contractors are thoroughly briefed on our quality assurance procedures and the standards we expect, for their work. This applies to each aspect of our work, from the most technically difficult to the most straightforward work.

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